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The Best Earth and Space Science Review: Topic Summaries, Examples, and Free Practice

Welcome to Albert’s collection of science topic reviews for teaching and reviewing Earth and Space Science. Teachers and students can explore our easy-to-follow guides below for use at home or in the classroom.

Understanding the Universe

How Did the Universe Begin? What Lies Beyond Our Solar System?

Explore the universe with our detailed series. Discover how many planets exist in our solar system and beyond. Learn about the countless galaxies that fill the cosmos. Navigate the mysteries of the asteroid belt. Uncover the beginnings of the universe. Investigate the latest in space exploration technologies.

Earth's Place in the Cosmos

Why Do Seasons Change? How Does Earth Fit in the Universe?

This series offers a straightforward look at Earth's fundamental interactions within the cosmos. Discover the mechanisms behind Earth's changing seasons, driven by its tilt and orbit around the Sun. Learn the facts about the Sun's immense heat and its critical role in our solar system. Explore the principles of gravitational forces that bind the orbits of celestial bodies.

Dynamic Earth

What is Weathering? How Does Earth's Surface Transform?

These posts review the dynamic processes shaping our planet. Uncover the mysteries of the geosphere, the solid crust where continents and oceans reside. Understand weathering, the natural force that transforms Earth's surface over time. Explore the rock cycle, a fundamental geological phenomenon that recycles Earth's materials. Discover the stories told by dinosaur fossils, offering glimpses into prehistoric life.

Earth's Internal Processes

What is Earth Made Of? How Does Earth’s Interior Drive Movement Above Ground?

Embark on a journey to the center of the Earth with this series of posts. Discover the complex layers of the Earth. Dive into the continental drift theory, including pioneering scientists like Alfred Wegener. Navigate the global tectonic plates map to understand the forces that shape our world.

Weather, Climate, and Atmosphere

What is the Difference Between Weather and Climate? What is an Air Mass?

This series of blog posts provides a concise overview of the atmospheric processes and hydrological cycles that define our environment. Explore the dynamics of Earth's atmosphere and its impact on weather and climate, from the protective layers above to the ocean currents below. Learn how these elements interact to shape global weather patterns and climate variations.

Earth's Resources and Sustainability

What Powers Our Planet? What are Natural Resources?

This series breaks down the basics of natural resources, categorizing them into renewable and nonrenewable types. Gain insight into how these resources shape our lives, power our societies, and challenge us to think critically about sustainability and the future of our planet.

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