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The Best Algebra 1 Review: Topic Summaries, Examples, and Free Practice

Welcome to Albert’s collection of math topic reviews for teaching and reviewing Algebra 1. Teachers and students can explore our easy-to-follow guides below for use at home or in the classroom.

Linear Equations

How do we find slope? What are the forms of linear equations?

The review articles below explore all topics related to linear equations including slope, forms of equations, and graphing linear equations. We provide detailed step-by-step directions, free practice problems, and helpful video summaries.

Note: more articles coming soon!


What is a quadratic function? How do we solve quadratic equations?

In the following Algebra 1 review articles, we provide free math help learning the forms of quadratics as well as how to solve quadratic equations using factoring, graphing, and the quadratic formula. We provide some common quadratic misunderstandings, free practice questions, and more!

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Looking for free Algebra 1 practice?

Albert has thousands of free standards-aligned Algebra 1 practice questions. Each question features a detailed explanation ideal for general skills review, analysis of the specific question, and illustrations to make the concepts come to life.

Our core math questions are all aligned to the Common Core, Regents, and TEKS standards.

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