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act score calculator

ACT Score Calculator

If you’re curious how you might do on the upcoming ACT, you’ll want to try our interactive ACT score calculator. With it, you can see how many questions you need to get right on ACT Reading, Writing, Math, and English to score that 36.

how to get a 36 on ACT reading

How to Get a 36 on ACT Reading: The Ultimate Guide

So, you are finally here, staring your destiny in the face. You have finally taken the leap. The challenge beckoned, and you have answered: you have decided that you want to achieve a perfect score on your ACT Reading section.

7 best act reading strategies

The 7 Best ACT Reading Strategies

You’ve been a diligent worker bee when it comes to prepping for the ACT, and we want to give you some specific ACT Reading strategies that will prepare you for a high score and get you one step closer to your dream school.

ACT Percentiles: Understanding Your Ranking

ACT Percentiles: Understanding Your Ranking

Have you taken the ACT recently? Do you need help analyzing and understanding your scores? This article will walk you through understanding your ACT percentiles and score rank as compared to all test takers across the country. Even if you haven’t taken the test yet, this article will be useful for understanding what score you can hope to achieve and can give you a goal to work towards.

12 must know act reading strategies

12 Must Know ACT Reading Strategies

One of the biggest sections on your ACT is the ACT Reading section and that means having the best possible reading strategies is extremely important. With 75 questions to answer and only 45 minutes to do it in, you need to make sure that you know how to study for this section by reading through the questions and passages properly.

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