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Albert's test prep courses offer 40,000+ rigorous, aligned questions written in the style of the AP, SAT, and ACT exams. Students will gain exposure to engaging and rigorous content, master critical thinking skills, and clarify common misconceptions using our detailed explanations.

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What Drives Student Outcomes?

It’s likely you’ve heard, at some point in your life, a close friend or family member say the following: “I am so bored with my job. I think I want to become a teacher because I like kids.” What

Using Edtech to Differentiate Small Group Instruction

Most good teachers know that in order to address the needs of all students, they need to differentiate their instruction. Differentiation doesn’t mean a different lesson for every kid every day, but

Go Ahead and Complain: How Feedback Leads to Real Change at Albert

We have a team of 42 people at Albert. The Schools and Engineering teams are each 14 people, there is a Content team of eight (four on ELA/ Humanities, four on STEM), a Product team of four, which includes

Culturally Responsive Teaching: What is Edtech’s Role?

Good teachers know the importance of culturally responsive teaching.  A pedagogy that recognizes the importance of students’ cultural references in all aspects of teaching (Ladson-Billings, G, 1994),

Emergency Sick Day: Ideas for a Productive Sub Plan

It’s 9 pm and you know that you’re starting to come down with something. “If I go to bed early, maybe I’ll feel better in the morning.” But of course, you wake up and only feel worse. Calling

How the Most Organized Administrators Keep Track of Edtech

As the school year winds down, you might be asking yourself, “What can I do now to be more organized next year?” A challenge for any administrator is creating effective systems for organizing tech

Increasing Engagement with Test Corrections

Test corrections. Teachers love them because students can learn from their mistakes! Students hate them because….they have to learn from their mistakes. We know that test corrections can be incredibly

Strategies to Prevent Cheating When Using Tech in The Classroom

Setting up systems to prevent cheating is one of those things that is really important to do but not something you really learn in your education master’s program. Whether your students are taking an

Teaching Literature to Struggling Readers at the High School Level

If you’re a high school English teacher, you’re probably proud of the fact that you’re a #booknerd. You love reading! And you want all of your students to love reading too! When you see a student

Feature announcement: Full-length practice exams

We are excited to announce the release of a major feature milestone on Albert: Full-length, simulated practice exams. This is a product milestone for us for two reasons: 1) As a test prep company, a lack

Drill And Kill Got a Bad Rap

“Drill and kill” is a phrase used and more often misused in the field of education to incorrectly label many types of learning tasks: practicing math facts, taking multiple choice tests, and ev

Why Now is the Right Time for Personalized Learning

Mr. K looks out over his sophomore English class in urban Houston as he prepares for a lesson on sentence structure. He sees ten bright students who find all the time he spends on strategies to improve

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